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g––kx mediaHOUSE Orel –– Kröning GbR

Cottastr. 4 – 6
70178 Stuttgart

Vertretungsberechtigte Gesellschafter:
Mick Orel, Oliver Kröning.

Telefon: +49 (0) 711 60 192 370
Website: https://www.g-kx.com
E-Mail: info@g-kx.com

Creative Collective

Shows our in house team members as well as our freelance network - September 2022.

  • Yasmin Abdullahi

    is a multidisciplinary designer in the field of visual communication.

  • Tilman Baur

    is a journalist and editor based in Stuttgart.

  • Stefan Eigner

    is a Photographer and DOP with a passion for action sports.

  • Giovanni E. Galanello

    is a photographer based in Milan & Stuttgart.

  • Carla Freund

    is studying Visual Communication at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, with focus on photography and grafic design.

  • Steph Goller

    works as Office and Project Manager.

  • Vincent de Jonge

    works as a 2D/3D Creative director, with a focus on spatial design.

  • Felix Keltsch

    is creating all kinds of moving images.

  • Oliver Kröning

    works with various media in the fields of photography and film and everything in between.

  • David Lehmann

    has a Studio for Industrial Design working on a range of products for commercial and private clients.

  • Janet Noll

    works interdisciplinary in the field of visual communication.

  • Mick Orel

    is managing director and co-founder of g—kx mediaHOUSE and g—k Galerie Kernweine.

  • Anna-Lena Reulein

    through various activities in cultural enterprises and scientific institutions, she was able to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of cultural management and communication.

  • Max Semmler

    works as an art director and designer.

  • Alexander Stehle

    That's me. Not a specialist, but a generalist when it comes to communication.