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We are here to understand how things were before, how they are now and how they might be in the future at least we try ;)

Sharing Happiness

Social, ecological and economic framework conditions are being redefined – this also requires a different form of communication. Collaboration is at the heart of g—kx. We work with our network of players from the world of art, design, philosophy, science and business. We bring ideas with a positive impact to life and accompany brands and institutions through necessary change processes.

What happened so far: Oliver and Mick are two of the three founders of Studio Orel Communication Dept. where they worked as managing directors from 2015-2020. During their time at Studio Orel they were awarded "ADC Rookie Agency of the Year 2018" and won a silver nail for their work with Porsche. In 2017, they founded Galerie Kernweine Foto und Raum. Galerie Kernweine is a physical and digital platform for visual media and contemporary photography. Exhibition projects challenge classical approaches and expand established formats. Workshops and different event formats on the topics of photography and visual media take place on an alternating basis. Galerie Kernweine, also known as g—k, expanded at the end of 2020 and is now the first office of g—kx mediaHOUSE based in Stuttgart with the focus on consultancy, creation and communication.



Art & Creative Direction
Digital, Analogue

Brand Identity
Corporate Design
Web Design
Editorial Design
Interior Design
Exhibition Design


Selected Clients & Collaborations

Amen Candles
Fraunhofer IAO
Friedemann Vogel
HOS Gruppe
Hugo Boss
Innenministerium BW
Porsche AG
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Stadtpalais Stuttgart
Tag Heuer

Creative Collective

Shows our in house team members as well as our freelance network - September 2022.

  • Yasmin Abdullahi

    is a multidisciplinary designer in the field of visual communication.

  • Tilman Baur

    is a journalist and editor based in Stuttgart.

  • Stefan Eigner

    is a Photographer and DOP with a passion for action sports.

  • Giovanni E. Galanello

    is a photographer based in Milan & Stuttgart.

  • Carla Freund

    is studying Visual Communication at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, with focus on photography and grafic design.

  • Steph Goller

    works as Office and Project Manager.

  • Vincent de Jonge

    works as a 2D/3D Creative director, with a focus on spatial design.

  • Felix Keltsch

    is creating all kinds of moving images.

  • Oliver Kröning

    works with various media in the fields of photography and film and everything in between.

  • David Lehmann

    has a Studio for Industrial Design working on a range of products for commercial and private clients.

  • Janet Noll

    works interdisciplinary in the field of visual communication.

  • Mick Orel

    is managing director and co-founder of g—kx mediaHOUSE and g—k Galerie Kernweine.

  • Anna-Lena Reulein

    through various activities in cultural enterprises and scientific institutions, she was able to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of cultural management and communication.

  • Max Semmler

    works as an art director and designer.

  • Alexander Stehle

    That's me. Not a specialist, but a generalist when it comes to communication.